Germi County (Persian:  شهرستان گرمی) is a county in Ardabil Province in Iran.It placed in north of Ardabil city. The capital of the county is Germi. About 128,000 people were living in this country in 2008 - of that 38,000 people were living in Germi city (center of country). The history of the county reaches back to 1734. Germi is located 120 km from Ardabil, the capital of the province. The yearly percipitation is 300 mm and a temperature of (-10 to 36 Celsius) allows farmers to reach good yealds in growing cereals. Germi is reletaively new nby iranian standrsa; established in the year 900 of the Islamic calendar when Shah Ismaieal allowed to 5 shiat family migrate to this region. There were some other places and cities in Azerbaijan of I.R. Iran and Azerbaijan that are called Germi.

The researcher Kourosh Beheshti believes that before this history there were a fire altar. He believes that before this history there were followers of Mitra that is one of ancient religion in Iran living in the area. The most historical place in this county is Barzand Castle that was the castle of Afshin who battled with Babak Khorramdin in earlier century of Islamic history. People of this county are Muslim and speech in Azeri language. The largest river of country is Dareroud; it issues from southern and eastern foot of Sabalan and joins to Aras river on the northern border of I.R.Iran. This river is the largest internal river of Ardabil province.

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